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When the Tuck Life company name was conceived for this new beach lifestyle-inspired clothing line, we didn’t realize the word “Tuck” would grow to have an even greater significance to the brand. Specifically chosen to represent the coastal lifestyles of places such as nanTUCKet and TUCKernuck Island, it turns out ‘Tuck’ also has a Native American word origin meaning ‘Tree.’ It’s a perfect fit – Tuck Life is a brand whose label represents a natural lifestyle rooted in coastal living.

Picture your own Tuck Life experience as you relax with your toes planted in the sand at your favorite beach, or as you float effortlessly on the warm blue-green ocean, serenaded by the joyful laughter of children playing in the water. These are the sounds of the Nantucket shoreline – of all coastal towns – whose own timeless allure we aim to capture in every product we offer.

Tuck Life has used these resources as inspiration to create an artful and original beach-inspired clothing line. The colorful vibe of the brand shines through in our soft t-shirt/sweatshirts, stylish hats and everyday beach essentials. Great care is taken in selecting only the finest materials, softest fabrics, and highest quality craftsmanship. Tuck Life will soon be the favorite t-shirts, hoodies or bags in your customers’ personal collections.

In creating this lifestyle brand, Tuck Life has carefully considered our social responsibility and importance of contributing to the framework of our local communities. With the focus on children, art, health & education, Tuck Life will donate a portion of our proceeds to the Nantucket Boys & Girls Club. We admire the Club’s mission: “To empower the youth of Nantucket to realize their full potential.” We believe this parallels Tuck Life’s commitment to being “Kid Driven” in pursuing our own company goals.

Tuck Life’s mission is to inspire everyone to have fun and always be themselves in the process.

It’s a Tuck Life, enjoy it!
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